5 Steps to Buying a Property in France


France is one of the most popular countries for people looking to buy property abroad. With its beautiful coastlines and beaches, rich history, incredible food and the world-famous wine, it’s not hard to guess why.

Whether you are looking for a holiday home or relocating to sunnier climes; buying a property in France is simple as long as you know the process. Here are our tips to consider when buying property in France.

You Need a Notaire

Notaires are similar to British solicitors. They represent and act on behalf of the buyers and the sellers during the purchasing process of any plot of land or property in France. They are mandatory if you’re thinking of buying a house and ensure everything about the sale is legal, following the correct protocol and the appropriate taxes are paid.

Survey the Property

Surveys aren’t very common in France but it is possible to arrange one before your initial contract. This means that any additional clauses can be added to the contract if needed. If you choose not to conduct a survey, sellers are still required to provide reports on such issues as water damage, energy efficiency, pest control, asbestos etc. This is required by law.

Compromis de Ventre

A compromis is the preliminary contract between a buyer and a seller which is drawn up by the notaire once an offer has been accepted. There can be suspensive clauses added to the contract, meaning there are conditions to the sale such as the buyer obtaining a mortgage. If these conditional clauses aren’t met, the seller does not have to accept the offer.

Cooling Off Period

Once the Compromis de Vente has been completed and signed by both parties, there is a 10 day cooling off period where the buyer can withdraw from the sale if they wish. This also means they do not lose any of their deposit placed on the property. The deposit is normally 10% of the property’s selling price.

Acte de Vente

This is the final contract signed by both parties. If the buyer can’t attend for any reason, they can hire a power of attorney to sign on their behalf. This is the stage where the final price is paid, along with fees/taxes and you can move in!

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9 Reasons Why You Need to Visit France

Stuck on ideas for your next holiday? Always thought of visiting the beautiful country of France but still not quite sure why it’s so popular? Read on to find out our

9 Reasons Why You Need to Visit France

It’s The Most Visited Country by International Tourists

In 2016, there were 1.235 billion tourists travelling around the world and France’s arrivals accounted for 82.6 million of them, beating the United States, Germany, Thailand and the UK for international tourist visitors. Germans are the biggest visitors with over 13 million followed by Belgium and Italy. The Brits love it too with 12.5 millon jetting over to see what all the fuss is about.

French Riviera

It’s Easy to Get To

France shares its borders with 8 different nations so it’s easy to country-hop and make the most of your holiday, even if you only stay for the day! It’s quick and simple to arrive from the UK via the Eurostar and the Eurotunnel as well as a fleet of ferries or multiple airlines.


The Gorgeous Weather

One of the most favourable and famous aspects of any French holiday is their amazing weather, particularly along the Cote d’Azur. With bright blue skies, sparkling sea, hot summers and mild autumns, it’s no surprise that people flock to the country to enjoy the climate France has; even the locals head south for the summer!

The History & Heritage

The French have a fantastic reputation for looking after their heritage and promoting their history with pride. They have a talent for keeping historical sites immaculate and interesting; making them just as relevant and exciting in the present as they were in their heyday. With war sites, historical colourful towns, chataeux’s and castles – You will find a rich and fascinating piece of history wherever you go.

The Incredible Food

It’s not all ‘escargot’, smelly cheese and baguettes (although we’d never turn down a freshly baked baguette from the boulangerie!). There’s an endless variety of tasty food and indulgent dishes to try. Whether you prefer a family run restaurant tucked away from the hustle and bustle or a Michelin star soiree with the finest food imaginable, you will never go hungry – France is famous for its culinary delights.

Fine Wine

Ever heard of a wonderful thing called champagne? How about Claret or Burgandy wine? These are all names of regions as well as marvellous types of wines that originate from France. There are 27,000 wineries in France and around 110,000 wine growers so there’s always an opportunity to taste test for yourself!

It’s The Perfect Pit Stop on a European Road Trip

If you’re not one of those thousands of people flying into France for their holidays, then you can always join the rest who pass through the country for a mini break. It’s well worth extending your holiday by spending a few nights along the French Riviera before heading off to any one of France’s neighbours like Italy or Spain.

The Landmarks

When someone says France, most people immediately think of the Eiffel Tower and rightly so! The immensely beautiful tower is the icon of France and remains one of the most popular landmarks to tick off any keen traveller’s list of ‘Things to See’. However, France includes many more thrilling landmarks to capture. The city of Paris is one in itself but along with the tower, you should definitely visit the Arc de Triomph as well as the Louvre Museum. Don’t forget the Lavender fields in Provence, the iconic Pampelonne Beach in St Tropez and of course, Mont Blanc.

The Mountains Are Calling!

With its varied and stunning mountain ranges, France is one of the world’s biggest and most popular destinations for skiers and snow sport fanatics. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating winter full of skiing, a cosy Christmas where the snow is deep and white or even a summer of hiking and climbing activities; the French Alps offers beautiful resorts for you to explore and enjoy.

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Reasons You’ll Instantly Fall in Love with the French Riviera

If you’ve never been to the French Riviera before, you’ve definitely heard of it!
With the famous Lions & Film Festivals giving it a celebrity status, it’s no wonder it’s such a desired location to visit. It’s certainly our favourite. But why?



As you descend, you can see that stunning coastline, the Mediterranean Sea and the snow-capped mountains of the French Alps through the windows of the plane and it’s clear you’re arriving in a place of true natural beauty.

View from the plane!

Driving to our destination of Cap d’Antibes is a pleasant journey along the A8 and took just over half an hour.

Cap d’Antibes

Being one of the most sought after addresses along the Riviera, the charm of Cap d’Antibes is evident from the offset with quaint cobbled streets and beautiful scenery. Once we’d dropped off our luggage at the villa, we went for a stroll!

Selfie in Antibes

The old town is gorgeous with pretty houses, designer shops and a wonderful market filled with a vast variety of produce ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, meats, cheeses and spices. We didn’t have a lot of time as our schedule was jam-packed however our wander through the market allowed us to be very enticed by the arrays of colour!


We continued to walk into Cannes, where our first stop was one of our favourite chocolatiers – Juan Luc Pele. The display is so inviting that you can’t help but be drawn in by it. The smell of the sweet chocolate has your tastebuds doing somersaults from the moment you walk in the door and there’s an entire wall made of chocolate! Our treats of choice were the macarons – so delicious! Whatever you may purchase here, you won’t be disappointed.

After a long walk, it was time for a well-deserved drink! We stopped off at 72 Croisette for a refreshing gin & tonic. It’s in a great location opposite the beach with a wonderful sea view and it turned out to be a prime spot for the sunset.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

It was a fly by visit to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat but this is such a quaint town, nestled in greenery on the peninsula between Nice and Monaco. It’s one of the most popular locations on the Cote d’Azur with exclusive homes and a large yacht harbour. The village itself is quite small but there are plenty of terrace cafes and restaurants along the port.

One of the regions most popular attractions is the Ephrussi de Rothschild. This incredible building is a museum with magnificent gardens and grounds – it’s definitely worth spending a couple of hours here to appreciate the craftsmanship of the landscapes.

Villa Rothschild

The beaches in Cap Ferrat are an ideal place for relaxation and topping up your tan. The panoramic views spread from the bay of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Villefranche harbour and all the way over to the cliffs of Eze.

Paloma Beach - St Jean Cap Ferrat


Monaco is most famous for the Grand Prix as well as the legendary Monte-Carlo Casino. It’s a haven for the wealthy and a playground for tourists. It’s the second smallest city in the world (the smallest being Vatican City) but that doesn’t mean it’s any less exhilarating and should be on your list of places to visit.

Monaco Harbour

It was quite peaceful on the day we visited even though there were numerous groups of people on their own travels. All the buildings were pristine and uniquely designed, adding to the character of Monaco. The palace is protected by guards and chains but you are still able to get a perfect, obscured view.

Monaco Cathedral is particularly striking, there is no entrance fee and photographs are prohibited inside the building. It’s truly stunning and tranquil with amazing detail and architecture.

Monaco Cathedral


A beautiful medieval village situated in the hills with absolutely breath taking views of the coast. In my opinion, it’s my favourite location and a must-see! The village is pedestrianized so a car park is located below it along side the tourism office. There are a maze of paved streets to explore with picturesque buildings to be photographed and viewed with awe.

Eze Village

The French Riviera is an utterly remarkable place to visit and we can’t get enough!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Hotel Metropole In Monaco

What’s the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo all about?

The illustrious and beautifully imagined hotel is a spectacular gem on the Cote d’Azur. Blending a rich and interesting history with contemporary style, the Hotel Metropole embodies the modern charm of Monte-Carlo with old school attraction.

Located in the Carre d’Or of the Principality, the property is just steps away from the luxury boutiques and the casino square. Built in 1886 and originally opened on land belonging to Pope Leon XIII, the building was soon in demand by international clientele who were seduced by the Belle Epoque style.

In 2004, the Hotel Metropole became distinguished and contemporary, keeping the emotional character it was known for whilst offering a luxurious and modern atmosphere in its new identity. Combining the rich heritage with Mediterranean vibes, this remarkable building’s decor emphasises the level of service proposed.

The concept of the hotel is to really focus on the human senses, our emotions and our dreams. The decor and architecture is a mixture of classical and timeless with a touch of modernism to really progress the property’s fashionable and elegance.

Offering complete luxury, relaxation and intimacy, the hotel is closer to an independent house and due to it’s dynamic and creative character. It’s recognised as a reference point among international luxury hotels, further emphasised by the hotel’s win of the coveted award of ‘Best Hotel in the World 2010’.

Every season, this glamourous hotel changes the decor and interiors. Each theme is tuned to play on your senses, not just your sight. Guests will enjoy a different and original ambience with every stay and this contributes to the hotel’s unmistakable character.

An arty spring theme with gorgeous purple and green bunnies!
This theme, aptly titled ‘Love Is In The Air’, transformed the decor to prepare for Prince Albert’s wedding and showcased one of the most established French couture brands: Lanvin.
Christmas at the Metropole Monte-Carlo make a big celebration of Christmas and this particular theme brought in a red, white and blue British theme after an exciting year.

What are the hotel’s suites and rooms like?

In keeping with the rest of the building’s luxurious interiors, the Metropole’s rooms and suites are equally as beautiful. All feature some of the most stunning views of the surroundings whilst keeping the privacy and intimacy needed for an utterly relaxing retreat.

The Prestige Suites; located on the top floor of the hotel and provide spacious and comfortable living space. Beautifully decorated en-suite bedrooms also include walk-in wardrobes as well as a large terrace with private sun loungers.
The Azur Suite; With large bay windows and amazing views of the casino gardens and the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, this suite is the primary choice for all Grand Prix fans.
The Carre d’Or Suite; The 150 square metre apartment is as spacious as it is glamourous. Containing a large bedroom, walk in wardrobe and magnificent marble and gold bathroom, the suite can’t be described as anything but sophisticated chic. The 110 square metre terrace features unrivalled views of Casino de Monte-Carlo, the sea and the gardens.

Will I be able to find fine cuisine at the Hotel Metropole?

Incredible gastronomy is a massive part of what the Hotel Metropole has to offer. The world’s most Michelin-starred chef, Joel Robuchon, has an integral influence in the building and in partnership with head chef, Christophe Cussac, has created some magical menus to indulge in. 2 Michelin-star, Joel Robuchon Monte-Carlo, is the main restaurant of the hotel and features fine, sophisticated cuisine that focuses on the produce. Yoshi, a 1 star Japanese restaurant, provides incredible healthy and modern food. The restaurant room includes a stunning sushi bar and opens onto a Japanese inspired garden, created by landscape artist Jacques Messin.

Joel Robuchon: the world’s most Michelin-starred chef, ‘Cook of the Century’ and winner of ‘Best Restaurant in the World’.
Yoshi: Joel Robuchon’s first Japanese restaurant, working closely with chef, Takeo Yamakazi

The bar and lobby also features a warm and lively space to sit, eat, drink, read and meet with friends. The musical ambience is created by sound designer, Beatrice Ardisson and is inspired by the mix of 1950’s music with contemporary styles. The lobby also features the only chocolate bar on the Cote d’Azur and is treated with as much respect as fine wines.

And finally, the enticing Odyssey created by King of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld. Featuring an idyllic heated seawater swimming pool and beach area with sun loungers, luscious gardens and a sun deck. This incredible space also includes Joel Robuchon’s third restaurant in the hotel which along with the al fresco dining offers seasonal dishes to tingle your taste buds. This little haven of peace is exclusive to the hotel guests and ‘Odyssey’ members of the Metropole espa.

King of Fashion: Karl Lagerfeld

Can I find a spa or any well-being facilities at the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo?

Hotel Metropole features some sublime well-being treatments and facilities on its grounds. Along with the aforementioned Odyssey, the Metropole Espa offers total relaxation, peace and tranquility. Combining modern techniques with ancestral therapies in the world, the spa brings a fully personalised experience as well as using the finest of natural skin care products.

Marc Raquil: World Athletic Champion and ultimate personal trainer is on hand to help with fitness tips and training in a fully equipped gym

A new and exciting feature to the well-being facilities provided at the Hotel Metropole is their recent collaboration with renowned designer, Givenchy. A truly lavish array of treatments and products to try, you will be guaranteed to be looking and feeling gorgeous!

Spa Metropole by Givenchy: A dedicated and luxurious setting that is passionate about your well-being

Can I hold events at the Hotel Metropole?

The Hotel Metropole features some beautiful, spacious rooms perfect for any event, banquet or convention. The Meditteranean Room is elegant and large, boasting sea and garden views whilst Les Salons Homere, Penelope et Ulysee combine light, technology and comfort and can be used separately or together.

The Theatre and Foyer is located in the centre of the hotel can be customised for any event needed. At 126 square metres and sound proof, the room is spacious enough for large meetings without feeling cramped and stuffy. It also has the added bonus of opening onto a foyer, ideal for smaller groups.

What’s near the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo?

Firstly, the nightlife of Monaco is just as spectacular, buzzing and animated as the city is during the day. With an amazing selection of international shows, bars, restaurants and casinos, Monaco will not disappoint or bore you!

Shopping is also a massive part of Monaco’s allure with it being one of the main international capitals of luxury retail.

The Carre d’Or includes some of fashion’s most prestigious names including Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin

Jewellery stores line the streets and include names such as Cartier, Bvlgari and Chopard. If you’re more into art, there are many antique dealers and interior designers who’s work will astound you.

The Monte Carlo Pavilions is a large shopping promenade bringing forty plus stores and is located between the avenue de la Costa and the Place du Casino. The Metropole Shopping Centre has a further eighty stores and is located in the commercial gallery of the hotel.

What is the culture like in Monaco?

When you need a break from the retail therapy, the culture of the city exceeds expectations. Countless famous monuments and museums of the Principality; the Palace, the Cathedral, the National Museum and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco are all highlights and need to be seen to be believed.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco: The Temple of the Sea
The Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The Monte-Carlo Opera offers virtuoso art with productions featuring choirs of 120 singers, dancers and extras. The Ballet is also a wonderful slice of Monaco’s culture spanning a century of history within dance. Director and choreographer, Jean-Christophe Maillot, creates dramatic and unforgettable productions with some truly talented and mesmerizing dancers.

Any sporting events?

Monaco is host to some of the world’s biggest annual sporting events including the Monaco Yacht Show, the Monte Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters and, of course, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May.

Just For You

The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo has created a selection of unforgettable and unique experiences for you to try with family and friends. These bespoke and exclusive leisure activities are unrivaled in terms of their creativity and you won’t find anything close.

For foodies and potential wine connoisseurs, ‘A Chateau in Provence’ gives you the chance to visit the domain of Le Close des Roses and taste a variety of fine wines. ‘Pick Up Your Stick’ sees you indulge in a selection of the finest Meditteranean fish and exceptional wines and champagne as well as an exclusive class with the chef, Takeo Yamakazi himself.
‘Little Chefs’ gives the kids a chance at cooking with head pastry chef, Patrick Mesiano, opening the doors to 6-10 year olds for a day of cupcake making and decorating their own chocolate eggs. At the end of that, they also get their own aprons and can take their culinary creations with them.

If you’re itching to look into the more cultural side of Monaco, ‘Following the Footsteps of Grace Kelly’ is sure to satisfy. Retrace the steps of Princess Grace, following an itinerary of iconic locations such as Monaco Cathedral and la Roseraie.
‘Discovering the Principality’ gives you an authentic immersion of the lifestyle and culture of Monaco. A professional local guide will take you on a walking tour of the Principality as well as lunch at Les Perles de Monte-Carlo.
A behind the scenes, exclusive tour of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo where you can sit in on a class, see the costume department and have a peek at the backstage areas of the famous dance group.

If you wish to see the sights from a different perspective then you can ‘Fly Over the Mont-Blanc’. This experience will take you over the highest summit in Western Europe, ending up on the roof of Mont-Blanc in a two hour bespoke helicopter flight! You can also see ‘Earth From Above’, again an absolutely mind-blowing chance at seeing the mountainous panorama that this part of the world offers all the way up in a hot air balloon.

A more down to earth experience is provided with ‘The Sleigh Ride Adventure’; a spectacular 11 dog sleigh on the protected side of the Mercantour National Park which makes the ideal excursion for any nature or animal lover.

The Hotel Metropole offers yet more exciting and wild ideas for memorable experiences on your Monaco break.
Being famous for the annual Monaco Grand Prix, ‘Get Dizzy with Speed’ gives you the opportunity to be a real racing driver for the day. You can experience the buzzing emotions of the Formula 1 champions on the circuit of Luc in Provence.
If that doesn’t take your fancy then there’s always the chance to be James Bond for the day…

The ‘Goldeneye Experience’ provides you with a private visit to the Monte-Carlo Casino and a ride in a helicopter before stopping at Yoshi for lunch. Then discover the beauty of the French Riviera in a top of the range Aston Martin before enjoying an evening of couples’ massages and a candlelit dinner. Not to forget your very own James Bond Martini to sample!

To top that off, if you’ve ever thought about a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience, you can get married…underwater!
Quadruple free-diving winner, Pierre Frolla invites you to the famous Larvotto Beach where each individual detail is handled to make your big day extra memorable. The ceremony takes place under the water, including the altar and continues back on shore with cocktails and lunch with everything filmed and returned to you to watch whenever you feel.

The spectacular and individual Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo really does have to be seen to be believed!


Top 5 French Dishes You Need To Try!

When people talk of French food and restaurants, they are normally referring to the fine food and wine, sophistication and the excellent quality.
Not something simply from the supermarket, traditional and contemporary French dishes are chosen with exceptional knowledge and interest in the ingredients themselves from the quality to the origins.

Here are our Favourite Traditional French Dishes You Should Try


A stew flavoured with saffron, this beautifully warming dish is originally from the French Provencal region. Filled with a variety of shellfish and vegetables, it also includes at least four different types of fish; normally conger, scorpion fish and monkfish. Served with crusty French bread topped with rouille, a mayonnaise made with olive oil, saffron, garlic and cayenne.


A speciality in the South of France and Basque areas, Piperade takes advantage of the excess of rich tomatoes and colourful peppers in the area. Again served with crusty bread, baking eggs into the dish makes this meal super tasty.

Coq au Vin

One of the most famous French dishes, Coq au Vin varies slightly from each region like most French meals. Originally made with rooster but now more commonly with chicken, this dish is warming and hearty. The wine sauce again varies between different regions with regards to preparation but Burgandy is the widely used choice.


Most people find themselves turning their nose up at the very thought of eating snails but this dish is an incredibly famous and popular delicacy. Served as an appetiser, the snails are removed from their shells, cleaned and placed back in after being prepared with a garlic butter sauce. The dish even comes with its own utensil; a handy pair of tongs used to hold the shell.


To end on a sweet note, crepes are a very traditional dessert eaten all over France. Very popular and normally eaten sweet, cafes and shops on every corner will be highly likely to serve crepes to their hungry customers.

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Our Top 6 Romantic Villas in the South of France

France is exceptionally well-known as one of the most romantic countries in the world. The Cote d’Azur makes for the perfect starry-eyed retreat with its stunning coastline views, beautiful architecture and rich culture. 

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, picking your ideal honeymoon location or finding that unforgettable destination to pop the question, the French Riviera has so much to offer to make that dream a reality!

Villefranche-sur-Mer  (Ref: VF-VFLOR)

VF-VFLOR - Swimming Pool

5 Bedrooms | Breath Taking Sea Views | Private Terraces & Balconies | Swimming Pool

This truly beautiful villa has everything you need and more to make any romantic retreat unforgettable. 

You can view this property on our website for more details and images

Cap d’Antibes (Ref: CA-227)

5 Bedrooms | Uninterrupted Sea Views | Unique Architecture | Cinema Room

A fantastically unique property that will leave you feeling breathless with its incredible panoramic sea views.

You can view this property on our website for more details and images

Saint Tropez (Ref: ST -716)

4 Bedrooms | Central Location | Stunning Sea Views | Contemporary Style

A magnificent villa in every way; modern and contemporary but with an intimate and romantic style.

You can view this property on our website for more details and images


Mougins (Ref: MO-879)

4 Bedrooms | Provencal Style | Central Location | Children’s Playroom

A charming property that is central to the old town of Mougins. The villa features a children’s playroom for entertaining the little ones if you choose to bring them along.

You can view this property on our website for more details and images


Saint Jean Cap Ferrat (Ref: CF-846)

5 Bedrooms | Magnificent Bay Views | Infinity Swimming Pool | Outdoor Dining

A gorgeous property featuring a fantastic infinity pool that seemingly melts into the distance.

 You can view this property on our website for more details and images


Cannes (Ref: CN-206) 

4 Bedrooms | Spectacular Landscaped Gardens | Swimming Pool | Beautiful Sea Views

A picturesque villa that features beautiful manicured gardens and a quiet location without being too far from the exciting town of Cannes.

You can view this property on our website for more details and images


Romance is a very personal and individual idea with everyone’s preferences being different.
Our extensive portfolio has hundreds of handpicked luxury villas on the Cote d’Azur and can surely help inspire you when choosing your idyllic home from home. 

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Our Favourite Waterfront Properties

Imagine lounging by the pool, sipping champagne or cocktails whilst soaking in that summer sunshine the Cote d’Azur is famous for. Now think of the relaxing sound of the sea with it’s gentle waves lapping against the coastline. Sounds like utter paradise. With these properties, that dream is a reality. Read on to find out about:

Our Favourite Waterfront Properties

Cap d’Antibes (Ref: CA-1049)

6 Bedrooms | Swimming Pool | Panoramic Sea Views

This absolutely gorgeous property benefits from direct and private access to the sea with stunning panoramic views.

View this property to find out more details and images


Villefranche (Ref: VF-MD)

5 Bedrooms | Infinity Swimming Pool | Wine Cellar

This magnificent property features a stunning waterside garden that is as tranquil as it is beautiful.

View this property to find out more details and images


St Tropez (Ref: ST-194)

8 Bedrooms | Close to the Beach | Open Plan Living

This spectacular villa provides some truly magical scenery with its panoramic sea views over the Gulf of St Tropez.

View this property to find out more details and images


Beaulieu sur Mer (Ref: CF-419)

7 Bedrooms | Landscaped Gardens | Swimming Pool

This sensational property features captivating sea views that are literally endless as well as fantastic decked terraces to fully appreciate the surroundings.

View this property for more details and images

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A Week in the Life of a Work Experience Student

My name is Abbie. I’m currently in year ten at Weatherhead High School, doing my GCSE’s in information technology, media, geography and business and communications.

This past week, I have had a wonderful time doing work experience at Elegant Address Luxury Property Group which is based in Chester City Centre. Elegant Address specialise in luxury villas and apartment rentals in the South of France. They help high wealth clients and VIPs with finding a perfect property on the French Riviera.

Elegant Address offers villas across the South of France including: Villefranche, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Mougins, Cannes, Cap d’Antibes and St Tropez. They also offer ski chalets in the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps. As well as villa rentals down the West Coast of Barbados.

On my first day at the office, everyone was very kind, accommodating and friendly, and have helped me become more confident in a work environment.

Throughout my time here, I have gotten to look at many of the villas that are available. My favourite would have to be one in St Jean Cap Ferrat as it is modern, has a swimming pool, gym, cinema, sauna and it sleeps sixteen people.

A contemporary living room

Private Swimming Pool

Amazing Views!

For the last couple of days, I have been writing a blog post about the South of France, this has included information about the Cannes Film Festival, the top five things to do/see on the French Riviera and the best traditional French food to try. The topic I found most interesting was the best things to do on the French Rivera, as I learnt a lot of interesting facts about the Riviera, the history and the culture.

Overall, I have had an amazing week with Elegant Address, I will take the skills I have learnt to help me in the future with jobs and in everyday life. The staff have been so welcoming and have put a smile on my face every day without fail, I can’t thank them enough for making this experience entertaining. The work I have been given has been enjoyable, and I was always looking forward to the next day.

Thank you again for this experience.

A Truly Stunning Luxury Villa in Cap d’Antibes

Travelling To Our Luxury Villa

A warm breeze, clear sky and glorious sunshine it’s got to be the French Riviera, even in February!

We stepped off the plane and were greeted by this wonderful Cote d’Azur welcome! Taking in the surroundings on our journey from Nice to Cap d’Antibes, is a pleasant drive, arriving at our destination in around 30 minutes.

Arriving at Villa: CA-250

Pulling up to the property, you can see its impressive with its contemporary and modern style, (rare for the Cap d’Antibes,) and even better is the location of this luxury villa! Located walking distance to the famous beaches of the Garoupe and word renowned Hotel du Cap Eden Rock, the ideal villa for a luxurious stay on the Cote d’Azur.

Once you are past the electric gates, you will find a spacious drive way and a vine covered portico with space for up to three cars. In an instant, it’s apparent the beauty of the villa.

Entering the property is even more impressive, the bright and spacious rooms, and the unique décor give it an original yet comfortable feel. The ground floor is a stunning open plan living area with a beautiful, polished concrete floor.

To the left is the kitchen and dining area, with a central marble island and a beautiful wooden dining table for up to 12, making it a perfect place to congregate and socialise with family and friends. This is where we spent the majority of our evenings!

This luxury villa is flooded with light, with floor to ceiling glass doors allowing wonderful views of the garden and views of the bay of Golfe Juan and Super Cannes.

Through the living area, there is a stylish more intimate dropped down TV area/study with a beautiful oak wooden floor, comfortable seating and a fireplace; a great place to retire for the evening!

The exterior of the property is so picturesque and you can see the level of detail that has gone into making this the go-to area during the summer, with plenty of fantastic seating areas to choose from! Ideal for families sharing or large groups of friends. You also have access to the heated swimming pool with integrated Jacuzzi, a day bed lounging area, outside bar and fridge area, and an open fire pit surrounded with curved seating.

Heading back inside the villa and up to the first floor; the bedrooms!

The first floor is where you will find the bedrooms. The spacious master bedroom is truly stunning. With a super king bed, walk in dressing room, marble panelled shower area & bath tub, and a fantastic view!

Each of the remaining four bedrooms on this floor have their own en-suite shower rooms, queen size beds and ample wardrobe space. The two north facing bedrooms boast sea views. All have beautiful furnishings and are finished to a high standard.

The sixth bedroom suite is on its own floor at the pool level. It has separate access to the main house. This suite features a super king size bed, en-suite shower room and walk in wardrobe. The bedroom opens onto a large salon with big screen TV and a study area. This offers ultimate privacy for the guests, and direct access to the pool area.

The 6 bedrooms all enjoy a continuous theme of luxury furnishings from modern day designs and collectable items.

This fantastic luxury villa has wonderful features that set it aside from others. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at villa CA-250 and were able to see just how much thought has gone into the presentation, and it really did help us all to fully appreciate the properties unique qualities. We can now see why so many of our clients love this property and we highly recommend the villa for anyone looking for the ultimate Cap d’Antibes private villa experience.

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